Misty Mountain Goblins from the Hobbit warhammer                                                                                                                             

The denizens of Goblin Town are stunted, degenerate creatures that have been afflicted by all manner of mutations and deformities. Their sinister appearance is quite fitting, however, for they are spiteful, evil creatures with a penchant for cruelty and violence. Individually weak, feeble even, as a group these Goblins overwhelm their foes with weight of numbers and shocking feats of violence.The Goblin Warriors are wiry, muscular little creatures, with bulging eyes and ferocious expressions. They are sculpted in all manner of hunched or misshapen poses. Covered in dubious boils and lumps, they wear loin cloths and various straps, and hold an array of primitive weapons, from axes to swords.

Recommended Paints Edit

  • Leadbelcher (basecoat for weapon)
  • rakarth flesh (basecoat for flesh)
  • steel legion drab (basecoatt for clothing)
  • skrag brown or stormvermin fur for hair
  • ushabiti bone (eyes, teeth plus toenails)
  • pallid wych flesh (highlight for flesh)
  • gorthor brown (highlight for clothing)
  • seraphim sepia (shade for weapon and clothing)
  • carroburg crimson (shade for flesh)

How to paint Edit

Step one Cut out selected Goblin from frame, then apply to base.

Step two After watering Rakarth Flesh down paint a thin layer over the face, legs, arms and body.

Step three Now use Steel Legion Drab to paint the ragged clothing of the warrior.

Step four Apply a thin layer of Leadbelcher on the weapon.

Step five Without watering the shade down paint the body with the Carroburg Crimson.

Step six After the shade as dried apply Skrag brown to the hair.

Step seven If you want to add extra detail apply Seraphim Sepia to the weapon and the clothing.

Step Eight Afterwards apply a fresh layer of Rakarth Flesh onto the skin of the goblin.

Step Nine Then where the clothes looked creased paint these areas with gorthor brown.

Step Ten Finally paint the eyes with ushabiti bone and then once dry put a little bit of abaddon black as a pupil.

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